Randomly Connected

Abacus, accountant, addled

Bemused, baffled, bewildered

Carafe, coffee, calculator

Dazed, delighted, done.


Ear, eloquent, earnest

Fatigued, frightened, fascinated

Gossip, garbage, go-way

Hearing, honesty, hopeful


Impression, irreverent, impeach

Jeremiad, jokester, jettison

Kaleidoscope, kaput, karma

Lawless, landless, lost


Managing, messing, monkey

Narcissistic, nerd, ninny

Oaken, offensive, oxalic-acid

Perfidy, persistent, pestering


Quad, quire, quotes

Rubbish, radiant, ruthless

Stipulate, stage, suffocate

Translate, tax, terminate


Ulotrichous, ubisupra, unruly

Velvet, vasty,venerable

Wig, wad, wonderful

Xeroscaped, XL, X-ed


Youthful, yare, yauld

Zaftig, zigzag, zed



The idea was put

words in a hat,

pull some out

Have something to write about.

Instead, I went to  a long time friend

Who has served me well all my life.

Dictionary is the name,

Keeps me in the poetry game.


You might have to get out a bound copy to find some of the words.

The end of the alphabet isn’t easy.




2 thoughts on “Randomly Connected

  1. This is really a fun way to stay in the game of poetry. I like every single word you chose! Like I told you, I need to explore my dictionary (and I do have an actual bound book) and find some inspiration.


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